While I'm Here

by Steve Lindsley

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This project marked my second studio effort. Took seven months, numerous trips to Asheville for recording, and one big trip to Denver. Working with Chris Rosser as producer was amazing. The album definitely has more of a "folky" feel, but that's what I was into at the time.

After the first album, "Among The Weeds and Wheat," I began to feel more at ease sharing my heart through music and immediately started writing again. These songs shed light on the journey I'd been part of up to that point in my life - maybe you'll catch a glimpse of your own journey in them as well. God willing, I'll keep it up as long as I'm here.


released April 1, 1999

Produced by Chris Rosser and Steve Lindsley. Recorded and mixed by Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio, Asheville NC, Fall/Winter 1998. Additional recording by John Phiffner at HNBC Studios, Winston-Salem, NC.

Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow, Boulder CO.

Cover photography by Scott Hoffman

All songs written by Steve Lindsley except "Shower The People" by James Taylor.


all rights reserved



Steve Lindsley Mt Airy, North Carolina

I'm a singer/songwriter performing for regional gigs and leading music for retreats and conferences. Enjoy the tunes!

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Track Name: Credo
As long as I have these gifts to bring
As long as I breathe the air I breathe
As long as I'm filled with songs to sing
Through these years
I will give all that I can find
Through this maze of song and rhyme
If you'll let me share what's on my mind
The laughter and tears
If only for another moment
May I share with you what I hold so dear
So if you'll let me open up my heart
And help me find a place to start
My life I will impart
While I'm here
Track Name: Radiance
Love washing down over streams of time
And the rocks speak words to me
And share with me their sign
Singing how can you live and say that your life is done
When souls are bursting forth and time's begun
Peace falling down from heaven above
Descend down to us on the wings of a dove
Singing when will you cease
To live in the darkness you've made
Can't you see the light that's coming your way
Look at me - look at me

To laugh and to play
To live another day is what this life is all about
As I walk through my life
I come across glimpses of light that surround me
Sneak into the corners of my soul
To shine their radiance

Joy in the eyes of a child
Who has just found his way
Of love and peace and harmony realized this day
In the mountains we climb
In the way an angel sings,
In a man who came so all might believe
Love is there - love is here

To laugh and to play
To live another day is what this life is all about
As I walk through my life
I come across glimpses of light that surround me
Sneak into the corners of my soul
To shine their radiance

What is this life-energy
To builds in me, ready to go
And share with all creation
He is here, he is love, he is one

To laugh and to play
To live another day is what this life is all about
As I walk through my life
I come across glimpses of light that surround me
Sneak into the corners of my soul
To shine their radiance
Track Name: Blinking Christmas Tree Lights
you sing songs of your agony tales of your strife
and the way you use words it cuts like a knife
you'll go on with your dirge for the rest of your life
and then you'll cut down and hide away
well i've known you for years and i've seen how you've run
from the battles you fought when you thought you had won
you're sixteen and suddenly life is no fun
so you cut down and hide away

oh better to walk in this life than run behind
oh better let go and let love shine

you were full of such spirit you moved with such grace
everything in your world seemed to have its own place
then that tidal wave hit like a slap in the face
so you cut down and hide away
now you bathe in the glory of lone apathy
absorbed in the trials of life's mysteries
like how do those lights blink on your green christmas tree
that you cut down and hide away

oh, better to walk...

i've been where you've walked i know how you feel
when the water's all dark and you just want it clear
if god could make neon signs send them right here
you cut down and hide away
like the lights on the tree life changes and moves
and the trick to it all is to ride the waves through
but the beauty is there when you find something new
when you cut down and hide away

oh, better to walk...
just how do those lights blink on your green christmas tree
Track Name: Native Son
its been years since i walked this place
it's been years since the memories
of a love long forgotten
to touch the hem of your coat
and to feel your presence
like our bond was never broken
and I had not made it home for a lifetime
i wandered the paths of change
rode waves of confusion
and I longed for the yearning
these people they touched my soul
this place calls to my spirit
and says child you’re still only growing
and I have come many miles in a lifetime

sing to the sky in her blueness
and ride on the wind as it blows
and love with a love that keeps on giving
look here and see now, I am your native son

many people have journeyed with me
lacked a heart of compassion
their eyes blind to the beauty
it’s not far to the end of the road
to the place called lonely
where hope is just a memory
but I’ll find hope in you for more than a lifetime

sing to the sky in her blueness...

can you see it love comes around
can you feel it round and around and around
Track Name: One For The Memoirs
he holds his head in silence and screams into the night
he prays the dreams that haunt him will soon take flight
believing’s for the strong ones, and losing’s for the meek
if we get what is coming, won’t it be so sweet
i got a feeling this whole wide world’s in deep

run from tomorrow and live for today
deny all your sorrow, and see things our way
i will not fall down, he says
i will not fall down
this thing we call our living - does it always end in pain?
must someone have to hurt before we cease to play our games?
and this time in which we’re moving is grace we must impart
how many men must live again to mend a broken heart?
only one, he said, for reconciliation to start

live for tomorrow, instead of today
bring joy to your sorrow, while searching for the way
i will not fall down, he says
i will not fall down

i will run and sing, and shine till the end
i will hold the hands that carry me again
he says joy and I hold on
he says peace and I still hold on
he screams love and I run to his arms - again
i will not fall down

but time can’t be lived again, so here’s to looking back
a toast to the lives we used to live in the pack
take off the old, he says, and bring in the new
when it all comes together, love will see us through
i believe that his grace has come to you

look for tomorrow in today
live through your sorrow and show us the way
i will not fall down, he says
i will not fall down
Track Name: Face To Face
caught a star in my hand
held it and kept it from its former glory
like walking across shifting sand
the star being to dissapear as it faded from my grasp
if i could have sympathized
by looking into your eyes of love

for what we can see is a dim light
then we'll see face to face
then we will know our true heart's desires
only when face to face

set out across this land
in search of the pathway for which i would live
imagine my surprise if you can
to find that my true home was where i'd begun
reach for the open door
eternal pain i will feel no more

for what we can see is a dim light...

if i could live till the end
and look back at all that i've done before
trying not to pretend
the day i have lived is not life in a day
how satisfied i'd be
if you are in any way happy with me

for what we can see is a dim light...
Track Name: Ding (Smiles)
so I’m sitting here this morning in this awful meeting
listening to people ramble on and on
about theory and theograms
and they’re doing a decent job of talking
but not of keeping me awake
i try to listen to them but it’s no use
so I occupy my time by drawing funny faces on paper tablecloths
and thinking about all the things I need to be doing today
and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention
that you’re on my mind as well this morning
i think about monday nights and other nights on into mornings
and how I never thought baking cookies could be so much fun
and how much I love pets but not at certain moments
i think about what you’re doing right now in your busy day
talking with people in the midst of some scary storms
talking with people who call just to talk
putting smiles on the faces of young children
and wearing a beautiful smile of your own
and I’m also thinking about what lies ahead
and the ways that we can grow and learn more about each other
aAbout the times ahead for us together
and the novel experiences that we’ll share
and you know, it occurs to me as I’m lost in my thoughts
that I must look pretty silly right now
i mean, after all, the people around me are huddled over their books
and they sure look tired and bored
and here I am,
my face beaming with the thoughts of you that flow through me
all of which is captured in one big smile.....
Track Name: The Other Side of One
i am sitting here with this canvas
and it rests at the edge of my soul
i’m inspired to create it and summon the spirits of old
but the rhymes outweight the reasons
when the lines of battle are drawn
and the image that forms is nothing that I’ve ever known
won't you help me learn to express what’s inside
and keep me from running away to hide
they say beauty is in the beholder
what is held there, I’m not so sure
they say life’s for the taking when no one can give anymore
in this place I have wrestled with feelings
and still nothing has ever come forth
cause you search for your answers and find that the questions are more
won’t you teach me the ways I can love myself
and show me how to love someone else

and if you read my mind I’ll sing to you
if you love me, I’ll be strong
if you hold me close when the picture’s all said and done
i will blossom here in your glory
i will breathe life all the day long
i will wander down the road I once walked alone
to the other side of one

i have lived here alone on this island
where the loneliness fills my soul
i’m resigned to believe I’m stranded here until I grow old
but there’s a ship sailing o’er the horizon
unexpectedly in through the night
could it be my salvation depends if I shine my light
you said you told me that love would arrive someday
and i want to believe that it’s here to stay

and if you read my mind i'll sing to you...
Track Name: Mountains In My Heart
since ‘68 you’ve been a part of me
climbed your hills to touch the sky
i felt at peace when I’d lift my voice
and heard angels in reply
long hours in the family car
i did’nt’ like it at the start
but I’d cross that divide and saw at last
those mountains in my heart
my ambitious-ness caught up to me
and I forgot what it meant to play
i tried to find you in other things
but I’d miss a Montreat summer’s day
they say grace is leaving then coming home
to the place from which you start
if that’s the case then I’ve found my home
in the mountains in my heart

climb up high on lookout see all of creation
and wonder out loud
moving silently around sing a song of what you’ve found
i don’t know when my feet will touch the ground

my grandpa gave his life for you
and if you go what a way to depart
to spread your wings and forever stay
in the mountains in your heart
Track Name: November
who welcomed you in
i swear I didn't hear you knockin'
you see, this rope of mine's at its end
and I hardly find time to get by in
in a world where beauty is often blind
i'm glad you are here to shine
it's so good to see you
i know I've been bad about writing
the times we had were so good
but now I feel like I'm dying
it's hard to love when you're burned before
letting go is not my best mission

but I'm alright
you're near and I feel the pain go away
your love shines in the night
like a glimmer of peace
breathing life in my soul again

have you heard from the crew
it seems so long to remember
the crazy things we used to do
what happened to the reunion in november
time is now our enemy
and we feel the distance between us
a phone call will do, if you wanted to
a hello would be just fine

cause I'm alright...

for all that I wanted and what I tried to do
is to love you like I loved you when we were here

let's make a promise
let's keep the past in mind
and live in the present
it'll be difficult at first but I'm sure we'll do fine
the mystery of living is knowing
that we will be together always
cause the joy of tomorrow can only be found
when lived in the love of today

and I'm alright...
Track Name: Grace To Shine
can you hold me
can you shelter me through the storm
can you find me
i’m lost and so far from home
can you save me
i’ve been running around bad part of town
in the middle of the night
but isn’t it crazy
how I always come back to you again
seems I find you again
or you find me
i’ve been trying with every bit of who I am
to get to where you are
but there’s this chasm
that keeps us apart, it keeps us apart
oh I’ve been praying
and I stop to think and wonder to myself
if it’s all in vain
there’s no denying
that I can’t shoulder the blame
i’m one man born in my shame
so lead me home again
and help me understand
when you come to me and hold me close and say
love will bridge the way

love me love like no other
believe in me and lift me high
hold me hold on forever
cause it’s time for your grace to shine

i’ve been aiming to live a life of joy and pride
and do it on my own
i couldn’t fathom a place where you’re my home
i’ve worn the burden
and the weight’s heavy on my soul
and my spirit’s weak
until I listened to the one who cried out to me
through the years I believe
saying it is done and nails and cross have begun
what we tried but could not do on our own
love has moved the stone
love me love like no other

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