Among The Weeds And Wheat

by Steve Lindsley

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My very first studio album. Here's what I'm proud of about it: the songs and songwriting. Here's what I'm not proud about it: the recording/production quality. At the time I thought it was primo; not so much now. Still, I think it's worth you adding to your digital music collection, albeit at a slightly reduced price, if for no other reason than to see where this musical journey of mine began.


released April 15, 1997

All songs written by Steve Lindsley

Recorded, mixed and mastered January/February 1997 by John Kevin Morrison at Megalomania Studios in Atlanta, GA. Photo by Wes Barry and Jordan Howard


all rights reserved



Steve Lindsley Mt Airy, North Carolina

I'm a singer/songwriter performing for regional gigs and leading music for retreats and conferences. Enjoy the tunes!

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Track Name: It's Time
it's time to break down the walls
that let some in and keep others out
it's time to see one human race
and love our neighbor
it's time to reach those who need us
to give a helping hand
it's time to practice what we preach
to live the life he calls

i stand at the door and i knock
are you ready can i come in
for whoever receives one in my name receives me
i am the way the only way
you can move mountains in my name
i stand at the door and i knock
are you ready are you ready it's time

it's time to take care of this world
this precious gift
it's time to stop fighting among ourselves
it's time to love the little ones
to give them back what he gave to us
it's time wake up and see the signs
turn this world around

i stand at the door and i knock...
Track Name: Emperor's Clothes
somewhere between dream and sleep
in that place where darkness and light meet
they sing a song to wake hope and peace
come into my restless world
somewhere in the storms of the past
a voice calls out for the souls who have been cast
out of hell out of evil’s grasp
do not fear in this crazy world
and i call out to you cause i wanna be with you
three months and still those words ring true

i will not back down it’s time to go
and rid myself of the emperor’s clothes
to see myself for who I am
a child of god and a humbled man

so many years to wear this face
all-american boy
read their minds but have no place to be yourself
it’s just their dreams that you chase
and live in your self-less world
the journey’s all about how you feel
hold a mirror so the prodigal’s heart is revealed
says the voice what you see is real
so come out of your image world
and i see the one inside
cause i fight my sense of pride
that pushes me to run and hide

i will not back down...

somewhere in the life that I lead
dark and light and hope and peace will meet
among the weeds and among the wheat
to live in this blessed world
and i’ll see this journey through
cause i’ll make it back to you
to finally see what love can do

i will not back down...
Track Name: Prayer
if you needed me to take away your hurt and pain
if you called on me to steady winds in times of change
i'd run to you and hold you by the hand
and if you still needed more
i'd stay for awhile and i'd sing you this prayer
and if i needed you to release the demons inside
to help me keep my past
in the days that have already gone by
you'd come to me lead me to a quiet place
smile a smile of love
hold me in your arms and sing me this prayer
tonight i face the moon
the stars and sea the earth and sky
tonight i face the world
and i swear i will not pass it by
and so here i stand
and i absorb creation all around
and though i stand alone i am here with you
and we sing this prayer
give me strength peace of mind
help me find that love will come around
love will always come around
Track Name: The Angel Inside
seven days when I listened to what you said
you shared with me the gifts of your cup and your bread
you touched me with your action of undying grace
and I asked you to hold me in an eternal embrace
sweet song of love and praise
and I had found happiness to last me for all my days
you were the light that filled me inside
you were the ship that led me away from the tide
you told me to look for the angel inside

sailing winds on the waters that run to the shore
starry skies where I found peace of mind once more
you helped me to heal the scars that had formed on my heart
and showed me just how to laugh and rejoice from the start
you held out your hand
i swear I never thought I could find this love again
could you be the light in which he abides
could you carry me on help me break down the walls of pride
could you help me search for the angel inside

what more can I do
it's crazy how I look and I find his love in you
you are the light I don't wanna hide
you shine in my heart and help me break from the tide
through all the times when I thought I could not recognize
it was you
you helped me find the angel inside
Track Name: Will Not Go Away
will not go away
the river of life runs inside your heart
throughout every day
i still love you

winter brings cold to north carolina
young mother young father
inside by the fire
rejoice in their baby
in her arms he cradles
love like a circle goes round
we hear him say

will not go away...

young woman is crying
cause her love has left her
the life they were leading
it ceased with no giving
she feels love has left her
won't be there to save her
but love like a circle goes round
we hear him say

will not go away...

i sit on the pier and gaze over the water
the sun shines so brightly
the glow it reminds me
every day is a blessing
each moment remembering
that love like a circle goes round
love like a circle goes round
we hear him say

will not go away...
Track Name: Fallen For You
if i could see beyond the walls that limit my vision
and keep me guessing of the ways you touch my soul
i'd gaze for a moment on your face
if i could stand on this mountaintop and look over creation
to find a reason for the life that's brought me here
maybe your presence would fill up this place

and i'd shout from the mountain so all of the world
could hear down below me i've fallen for you
hopelessly helplessly head over heels
i've fallen fallen fallen for you

if i could comfort this restless moving
that's built up inside me
all my makings fall flat to the ground
and i long for new bread and wine
still you love me and you hold me close to you
and you whisper in your still small voice
that everything's gonna be fine

and i'd shout from the valley so all of the world
could hear up above me i've fallen for you
delight me excite me you really surprise me
i've fallen fallen fallen

for all the empty lies i used to feed myself
for all the tears i've cried before
now you have come here to love me and guide me
be there to mend the heart broken inside me
carry your cross there your arms open wide for me

and i'd shout with the angels so this broken world
can hear all around me i've fallen for you
in a world that rejects me you hold and embrace me
the wonder of grace i've fallen for you
hopelessly helplessly head over heels
you lift me up high cause i've fallen for you
Track Name: Jade's Lullaby
the time has come, my child
the evening is at play
the sun has left us now to prepare for another day
as i lay me down to sleep
i pray to the lord that he will always watch over me
count your blessings and close your tired eyes
i’ll sing to you

sweet little angel
won’t you sleep little angel
sweet little angel sleep tonight

and when you rest in slumber
i pray you’ll dream awhile
of unicorns and sunsets of god’s great creation
things that make you smile
joy and laughter in a song
all the happiness in life
eternal peace that can’t go wrong
and when your journey’s through
come home to my arms

sweet little angel...

and when you wake in the morning
you’ll never be alone
for the love that surrounds you here
is the love that we call home
god guide you through your day
and bring you back again

sweet little angel...
Track Name: The Invisible Man
i am a nameless man
invisible to your eyes
you do not notice me
you look my way while blind to who's inside
i guard the life I live
from your precious china world
i’m too scared to let you in
to bear my soul then have you crush my world
i’m the invisible man
catch me if you can

my life is not like yours
i’m damned for my great crime
but my heart burns deep within
and beats in tune with all of humankind
once clothed in living water
and embraced in community
now you spit me out your mouth
amazing how selective your doctrines can be
i’m the invisible man run from me if you can
where in the world do I fit in your master plan
tell me where is the resting place for the invisible man

i am the crucified
the sacrifice of my time
hung on this cross of love
arms spread out while all will curse my life
you deny i stand among you
you obliterate my soul
i am trapped by who i am
helpless as the nail drives into wood
i’m the invisible man
harder to see the more you misunderstand
how long will you push me away with god’s own hand
tell me when will you open your eyes to the invisible man
Track Name: Carry Me
sometimes when the road gets rough
and darkness is all around
i look to see your footprints in the sand
but only mine can be found
and so I wonder why in times of need
i feel like I'm all alone
and it's then you remind me that
your love will carry me home

carry me across the shifting sands
carry me to more solid land
carry me along the winding road
and put me on my feet again
carry me and never let me fall
carry me keep me standing tall
carry me and help me find the strength
to stand up on my feet again
on my feet again

and so when you feel like
there's no one by your side
just turn your eyes to the one above you
let him be your guide

carry me...

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